Amey Barapatre

Amey is a student of MS in Computer Science at UIC. His interests are NLP and ML.

Researched on server infrastructure and created plots and tables for A and B level plots. Also, generated the interactive leaflet map.

Jaspreet Kaur Sohal

Jaspreet is Computer Science Master's student at UIC. Her areas of interests include Visualizations, User Interface Design and Graphic Design.

Created graphs and tables for C level. Designed the application layout, brainstormed presentation decision and worked on application scalability.

Sai Phaltankar

Sai is a Master's student at the Computer Science department at UIC. She is interested in visualization and human computer interaction.

Worked on C, A and Graduate level plots and tables. In addition to that worked on hexagonal map showing flights between IL and different states.

Vivek R. Shivaprabhu

Vivek is a PhD student in the ADVIS lab at UIC. His research interests include ontology matching and visual analytics.

Performed data wrangling and integration of different datasets. Refactored the code and layed out different plots and heatmaps.